Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent


“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than they way in which it treats it’s children.”

- Nelson Mandela

Learn about Department of Human Services – Improving Outcomes For Children

It Takes A Community!

NET Community CARE is a Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) committed to helping ensure safety, timely permanency, and well-being, for children and families in the 25th and 22nd districts of Philadelphia. NET Community Care is an affiliate of NorthEast Treatment Centers. What is a Community Umbrella Agency (CUA)? Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA’s) are community-based agencies that are responsible for providing direct case management services to families in their designated region. The CUA’s ensure that local solutions and resources are more accessible to children and families. Through community engagement initiatives, CUA staff develop connections to formal and informal neighborhood networks that can strengthen and stabilize families. They also recruit and retain foster and adoptive parents in the neighborhoods where children live.

Where We Are In Your Community

CUA 1 (4404 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia PA 19140)

  • Feltonville
  • Hunting Park
  • Upper Kensington
  • McGuire
  • Fairhill
  • Hartranft
  • Franklinville

CUA 7 (3133 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia PA 19132)

  • North Central
  • Strawberry Mansion
  • Brewerytown – Sharswood
  • Yorktown
  • Penrose

    It takes a community! Call us @ 1-844-813-4020 or come to a monthly Information Session to learn more about becoming a foster parent!

    Applicants, who can be single or married*, must meet these minimum requirements:

    ◾ Be at least 21 years of age, be in good health and free of contagious diseases

    ◾ Have a safe home that can accommodate a child or children

    ◾ Pass screening requirements related to child abuse and criminal history clearances

    ◾ Participate in all pre-service training

    ◾ Be able to complete a family assessment process

    ◾ Genuinely enjoy and care about children.

    While foster and adoptive parents do receive a subsidy to cover the cost of basic care, they must also have an independent steady source of income. A state-funded HMO covers the child’s medical expenses.

    There are 5 basic steps to becoming a foster parent:

    •Home visits will be made to help us bother get to know each other
    •There will be basic information gathered such as application, 5 references, and other documents
    •There will safety inspections done to help you prepare for the child
    •There will be a background check
    •There will be training to help prepare you for foster/adoptive parenting

    Take the first step today! Learn more by calling 1-844-813-4020.

    *NET Community Care and NorthEast Treatment Centers are committed to principles of non-discrimination in regard to all persons served.

    Strengthening Families Initiative and Parent Cafés

    Be Strong Families/Strengthening Families Illinois created the first parent café process. Parent Cafes work to support programs and communities, engage parents, build protective factors, and promote individual self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning among adults. Parent Cafés are focused on the principles of adult learning and family support and are a gateway to providing parent leadership opportunities.

    NET Community Care’s monthly Parent Cafes focus on learning more about these protective factors:

    •Parental Resilience – Being strong and flexible
    •Social Connections – Parents need friends too
    •Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development – Being a great parent is part natural and part learned
    •Social and Emotional Competence of Children – Parents need to help their children communicate

    Parent Cafes are right in your neighborhood and there is no cost to attend!


    •Child care (if needed)
    •Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner (depending on time of cafe)
    •Tokens (if needed)

    Parent Cafe’s are held three times a month in local churches, schools, community centers or NET offices. They are open to the community despite whether an individual resides in one of the CUA districts.

    For more info about Parent Cafes or Strengthening Families Events, contact:

    CUA 1 (25th District of Philadelphia)

    Marvin Lazenbury, Strengthening Families Coordinator
    Office 267-339-0547

    CUA 7 (22nd District of Philadelphia)
    Nadia Washington, Strengthening Families Coordinator
    Office (215) 816-2591

    Follow us on Social Media for monthly activities and schedules Parent Café schedules!

    Learn more about how Community Umbrella Agencies are Improving Outcomes for Children at the Department of Human Services website (make this a link to

    Learn more about NET’s Foster Care, Adoption and Child Welfare Services (Make this a link to the Foster Care/Adoption and Child Welfare Page).


    In an effort to ease the pressures that sometimes lead to child abuse and neglect, the CAPE Emergency Family Fund helps families with basic yet critical needs. The fund provides for needs of families served by NET Community Care who are currently involved with the child welfare system or who are at risk of becoming involved. Examples of needs include emergency food and clothing, beds and bedding, baby items and equipment, tokens for medical and therapy appointments, and school supplies and uniforms. We’re grateful for your support! Donate to the Emergency Family Fund by clicking here.